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    fish fry

    • California bass fry
    California bass fry

    California bass fry

    • The survival rate is high
    • Less diseases
    • Fast growth rate
    • Product description: Factory-produced California bass larvae are rarely infested. It is more adaptable to the environment. The survival rate is higher after being put in the pond. Energy is better. The growth cycle is sho
    ? At present, domestic California bass breeding is very popular. Each big media specialize a column, follow up report this a net red fish. After all, the meat of California bass is delicious and reasonably priced. The breeding difficulty is not very high. With the gradual development of taming technology in recent years, California perch farming has begun from Guangdong to the Yangtze River basin, all the way north, Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Ningxia and even Xinjiang and other places began to large-scale farming. For a while, Luoyang paper expensive. California bass fry are in short supply. Especially during the months of the year when adult fish prices go up. Some people along with the terminal sales price all the way up, the expectations and demand for seedlings also rising. And as soon as the price drops, a lot of people start talking bad about the fish. This kind of drama happens every year.

    How to achieve high profit?

    ?? Several factors have contributed to the boom in California bass farming over the past two or three years. On the one hand, the overall consumption upgrade, people do not want to eat the ordinary four big fish. The price of California bass is not too high and it tastes good. Just two dishes of fish with pickled cabbage and steamed sea bass are enough to prop up sales. This can be seen from the number of takeout consumption of a group. California perch, on the other hand, can have high pond head prices, which peak in July and August for the last two or three years. The highest price is 24 yuan per kilogram. And the cost of the general soil pond breeding is in the range of 7-9 yuan. Therefore, if the breeding technology is excellent, the model and the sales period are properly connected, the net profit of an acre pond can reach 60,000 yuan, not difficult. Because according to some friends in Sichuan, some of the master's per mu yield can reach an astonishing 8,000 jin. According to the average net profit of 10 yuan per catty, the net profit can be 80000 yuan. Such myth has happened everywhere, therefore, California bass breeding enthusiasm was detonated!

    But isn't everyone able to achieve that kind of output? Isn't. This is closely related to breeding technology, local water conditions, breeding patterns and so on. The first is farming technology.

    ? Seedlings of breeding techniques

    ? It is reported that although the seedling quantity in each main producing area of seabass in California has increased rapidly, the survival rate of seedling cultivation is not high, especially in the stage of 5-8 years, which is prone to stress, many diseases, rapid onset and large loss, leading to the low survival rate of overall seedling cultivation in the market, and the difficulty of seedling cultivation is increasing year by year. In the past two years, with the continuous increase of diseases and the deterioration of the breeding environment, front-line breeding practitioners have also begun to realize that the change of breeding environment, the long breeding cycle of a single variety, the cross-infection of pathogens in water quality, antibiotic residues, and the increased resistance of bacteria and viruses are all important factors restricting the breeding of seedlings. Moreover, due to the relatively loose production regulation and low market access threshold, the whole market of seabass seedlings in California is quite chaotic. At present, the hatching and cultivation of seedlings are mainly carried out by small seedling farms. Considering the cost, they generally choose tail fish as the seed fish, which has low cost and high proportion of female fish. After years of continuous accumulation, the quality of parents is constantly degraded. Eventually, the resistance of the seedlings decreased. Therefore, in the selection of seedlings, it is recommended to consider the choice of larger scale, standardized management, thoughtful service manufacturers.

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