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  • Welcome: Guangzhou Lanling Aquaculture technology Co., Ltd.
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    fish pond and incubator

    • Fry tank
    Fry tank

    Fry tank

    • Seawater resistant PE material
    • Good blowdown effect
    • Mobile and convenient
    • The cost is low
    • Product description: Fry tankl adopts the structure of large on top and small on bottom, which can effectively discharge the harmful organic matter in the water, keep the water quality clean, and improve the survival rate

        Fish seedling standard has been a professional link in aquatic seedling. Its survival rate is an important standard to measure the technical level. Directly related to the fry farm economic benefits.
        In recent years, the California perch fry has become the "fifth most popular fish" because of its tender meat and rich nutrition. By the favor of consumer terminal customers. aquaculture area in the domestic trend of expansion year by year. In the first half of 2019, the price of pond head of California perch was as high as 22 yuan per pound, while most farms cost less than 9 yuan. The money-making effect has prompted many of the farmers who originally farmed the four big fish to switch to California bass, where demand for the good stuff outstrips supply.

        Guangzhou lanling aquatic technology co., LTD. Has been in the aquaculture industry for many years. Has the close communication with the first-line aquaculture unit. In water treatment, especially equipment support, accumulated a lot of grounding experience. This kind of fish seedling standard crude barrel is the requirements of the vast seedling farm farmers mold production. It has the following characteristics:
        1. The upper and lower structures can be superimposed on each other in the process of transportation to save space and freight;
        2. The structure with large upper and small lower can make the feces, residual bait and other organic matter in the bucket more easily concentrate to the sewage outlet in the middle under the auxiliary effect of water flow, and improve the efficiency of overall water treatment.

        3. The bottom of the pool presents an inverted cone structure, which makes it easier for organic matter at the bottom to gather towards the sewage outlet. Further improve the efficiency of water treatment. In this way, the stability of circulating water quality can be guaranteed as best as possible. Indirectly improve the survival rate of standard rough.
        4. PE material, light, convenient to move;

        5.PE material can withstand seawater, and can be used for hatching and breeding of seawater fish, shrimp and other animals.

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