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  • Welcome: Guangzhou Lanling Aquaculture technology Co., Ltd.
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    fish pond and incubator

    • Iron sheet and canvas fish pond
    Iron sheet and canvas fish pond

    Iron sheet and canvas fish pond

    • low cost
    • easy to install
    • removable
    • High strength
    • Product description: Steel sheet and canvas fishpond, with higher strength and lower cost, suitable for industrial recycling aquaculture.

    Industrial aquaculture is the trend of the aquaculture industry. This idea has long been popular. But the biggest problem with recycled aquaculture has long been that costs remain high. The colleague inside the industry also is repeatedly unusual move. Innovation and experimentation. Specific to this piece of fishpond, after years of practice and demonstration, we screened out such good goods as canvas fishpond.
        From the beginning of the scaffolding fishpond, improved to the tin canvas fish pond. It took a lot of detours. Bracket fish tanks because they are easier to install. Because the bracket is bent in the manufacturer. And the intensity is good. Once installed, however, because the bracket does not support the inner canvas in all positions, the canvas will bulge outward. Not to mention the impact of aesthetic, there is too high water pressure canvas rupture risk. Therefore, the tin canvas fishpond came into being.

        The outer layer of the tin canvas fishpond is composed of a corrugated iron sheet. Inside are soldered canvas underwear. Water pressure is borne by corrugated iron. The canvas only serves to seal the water in the pond. The combination of the two is not only stronger, but also cheaper. What's more, if the fish pond is used outdoors, the canvas will not be affected by the sun. As a result, they live longer.
        The tin canvas fishpond can be used with the fish toilet. Make the sewage discharge more efficient. At the same time, when leveling the ground, determine the location of the fish pond in advance. Then the bottom of the fish pond for a certain pot bottom treatment. After burying the pipe and the fish toilet, the tin outer ring and canvas can be installed.

        Tin canvas fish ponds should be used as part of the recycling aquaculture, with other water treatment equipment. High - density breeding system itself has a large load. Water quality requirements cannot be entirely expected to be met by changing water. In Guangdong province, for example, summer temperatures can reach over 35 degrees Celsius. The water in the pond can quickly reach more than 30 degrees. When such water is pumped into the pond, fish are at great risk of survival, not to mention of growth. In addition, when a storm comes, if the fish pond is open, the water quality will change as dramatically as the pond. It can easily lead to the death of farmed fish and shrimp. So. It is necessary to make use of tin canvas fishpond for aquaculture. Otherwise with outside pond inside Seine breed breed what distinction to have?

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