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  • Welcome: Guangzhou Lanling Aquaculture technology Co., Ltd.
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    • Freshwater recirculating aquaculture systems
    Freshwater recirculating aquaculture systems
        Another circulating water project has been completed!
         This system is located in Hainan province and is designed for high density cultivation and seedling raising of tropical fish. Because of hainan's unique tropical climate, it is very suitable for the cultivation and cultivation of fish fry throughout the year. Combined with the characteristics of the circulating aquaculture system pollution-free emissions, can achieve wrong front sales. Fish keep coming out. The total water volume of the system is about 120 cubic meters, mainly for California bass seedling standard coarse, breeding density is initially set at 20 kilograms per cubic meter. Lanling Aquatic science and Technology is responsible for the whole set of turnkey projects from design to equipment supply, installation to commissioning.

         Circulating aquaculture system generally includes fishpond and piping, filtration, constant temperature, oxygenation, biochemistry, sterilization and other parts. Each part is independent and closely related. The core of the system is a filtration system and a biochemical system.

         In high-density aquaculture, fish produce manure very quickly. So good filtration system design is very important. In this case, we used the cone bottom sedimentation tank precipitation, then through the microfilter filter method for physical filtration. Filter fish feces out of the water in the first place to reduce the load on subsequent equipment. In addition to the cone bottom design, the design of large sedimentation tank also takes into account the characteristics of fluid mechanics. Large particles of feces and other organic matter are preferentially discharged through the sedimentation tank system, and harmless treatment is carried out after the collection of the sewage well. A small amount of organic suspended matter enters the microfilter.
         The design of the microfiltration machine still requires the artesian inflow, so as not to destroy the original form of the suspended organic particles in the water. Can improve the efficiency of one-time filtration. Therefore, it is not necessary to use high filtering precision for the filter screen of the microfilter machine. This ensures that the flow of water is large enough.
         After the micro - filter, we use filter sand cylinder for secondary filtration. This is actually the third filter. The sand in the filter sand tank can be set as fine sand. Generally, the micro filter machine can only filter the small particles of no less than 80 microns, while the filter sand tank can filter the small particles of even more than 10 microns. After the water passes through the filter sand cylinder, the small particles visible to the naked eye basically do not exist.
         The water with such higher transparency passes ultraviolet sterilizer again, below the action of ultraviolet ray, the microorganism such as bacterium of the majority of water, virus was killed. In this way, the concentration of microorganisms in the system can be well controlled. Because of the biofiltration system behind, we can control the benign proliferation of good microorganisms in the water and inhibit the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. Then reduce the occurrence of aquatic diseases.
         After passing through an ultraviolet sterilizer, water passes through an oxygen cone under pressure. The oxygen cone of this project adopts the way of high pressure oxygen generator combined with nano aerator to increase oxygen. Nano aerator is a special oxygen increasing equipment, the bubble diameter of the air is generally less than 0.5mm, its biggest advantage is that it is also a ceramic pipe, the middle is not narrow, it is connected in series in the pipe, compared with the traditional jet plus oxygen cone, will not cause loss of water head pressure. Thus reducing the power consumption of the system. Accordingly, we use a special oxygen machine with it.
         In terms of constant temperature, this project adopts the air energy constant temperature machine, which can automatically adjust the water temperature. Automatically change the heating or cooling mode according to the change of water temperature. The air - energy thermostat is a very energy - saving device. It doesn't run all the time. In Hainan, we mainly use it to cool the water when it gets too hot in the summer. To ensure the normal growth of fish fry.
         The core of the system is biofiltration. We use a combination of mobile biological bed and fixed biological bed, so that the advantages of both can be well developed. We use the front sterilization, behind the idea of culture. The sterilization of the ULTRAVIOLET sterilizer is indiscriminately sterilized, but the rear water is then cultured through the biofilter material, artificially increasing the concentration of beneficial bacteria in the system. This approach has been proven to work well with a lot of practice.
         In the water quality inspection, we use the world's leading water products networking technology. The Dissolved oxygen was detected by the fluorescence Dissolved oxygen probe. Meanwhile, the PH value and temperature detection data could be displayed on the electronic panel immediately. In addition, the data can be instantly uploaded to mobile phones and computer terminals. Enables managers to do remote monitoring. The software can be set to automatically start and close. When the Dissolved oxygen in the water is higher than a certain value, the oxygen generator is closed, and when the Dissolved oxygen in the water is lower than a certain value, the oxygen generator is started. This will further reduce the energy consumption of the system.
         According to customer's request, the fishpond of this project is made of fiberglass. However, the structure of the fishpond has been optimized with the conical bottom, which makes the excrement in the fishpond more likely to be concentrated in the bottom of the pond and discharged, so as not to stay in the fishpond for too long and decompose into harmful substances such as soluble ammonia nitrogen or nitrite under the action of bacteria.
         In addition to the above conventional circulating water equipment, we also equipped the system with automatic power failure alarm function, standby pure oxygen enrichment system, water level alarm system, automatic feeding system and so on.
         To sum up, at the beginning of the design of Hainan recycling aquaculture project, Lanling Aquatic Science and Technology was based on the principle of "energy saving, intelligence, zero emission, low cost and high safety", and was implemented. For the customer behind the breeding success laid a solid foundation. Also greatly reduced the customer in the equipment and other aspects of the initial investment.
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