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    • Seafood temporary circulating water project
    Seafood temporary circulating water project

        The profit distribution of aquatic industry presents dumbbell shape. That is, the biggest profit is the front of the seedlings and circulation behind. The main profit point of seedling is in technology, and the biggest characteristic of the circulation field is short, even and fast. So. Intermediate breeding links, because the cycle is too long, often the overall profit margin is low.
        When seafood or river fresh is shipped back, most people treat the water in traditional ways. The common practice is to filter the water flow with something like sponge, and then let the water flow through activated charcoal, coral sand and other "filter" so that the effect is ok at the beginning, but after running for a period of time, you will find that seafood is often dead, muddy water or yellow at the same time. Some customers reported that their seafood had a 30% mortality rate after three days in the temporary storage tank, and the dead seafood had to be disposed of at a reduced price. It had a big impact on profits.

        Temporary seafood cultivation is a high-density short-term culture, so supporting the circulating water system is very important. The circulating water system can not only continuously filter the water body to separate the harmful substances in the water, but also maintain the high Dissolved oxygen state of the water body. Keep seafood in a good environment.
       The main causes of seafood death are as follows:
        1. The infection. In fishing, transportation and other processes, seafood more or less will have broken legs, scale off and other injuries. Different batches of seafood can carry different viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. The sex of cross infection is stronger. In addition, if the breeding density is too high, the fish will feel pressure in this process, and the resistance will be reduced. The risk of death from infection increases. Therefore, a water disinfectant without residue is very necessary.

        2. The lack of oxygen. Seafood resold process, farming density can be used to describe the "shoulder to shoulder." You can imagine the density. In most cases, Dissolved oxygen in water is not enough. As a result, death from lack of oxygen is common. Many people add oxygen to water bodies with a small fan and small parts like a pneumatic stone. Because at normal temperature, the saturated Dissolved oxygen in water is only 8-9ppm, plus the fan air volume and other factors. Seafood dies easily from lack of oxygen.
       3. Ammonia and nitrite concentration is too high, seafood poisoning and death. In high-density culture environment, the excrement of seafood cannot be separated out of the water in time. Bacteria break down the waste into dissolved ammonia, nitrite and other substances. These soluble substances can inhibit the oxygen carrying capacity of seafood blood, resulting in seafood poisoning and death.

    What can be done to change this?
        1. First of all, we should separate and filter the organic suspended matter such as the excrement of seafood from the water. It has no chance to break down into toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrite in the water. These filters can be sand filters or microfilters. But is there a device that can filter and add other features? Yes, protein separator is such a collection of beauty and talent in one of the strange woman. It can not only timely remove seafood excrement and other substances from the water, but also effectively mix oxygen and water. If it's ozone that's going into it, it can also act as a mixture of ozone and water. Multi-purpose machine, leather resistance, eat less, failure rate is not high. It is seafood wholesale, live temporary care necessary medicine!

       2. The third is to consider how to disinfect water bodies. Isn't the guy in front mixing ozone and water? Right. Ozone and it is the "golden partner" with the protein separator, gas stone accessories can be retired. Protein separator is responsible for the mixture of gas and liquid, and ozone has unparalleled sterilization characteristics. The combination saves money and effort. After ozone is fully mixed in the protein separator, the high concentration of ozone water has a strong oxidation effect. It can not only kill bacteria and viruses, but also oxidize the organic pigment, mucus and other so-called COD in the water, making the water more clear and transparent. It also has an even bigger trick. It also oxidizes ammonia and nitrite directly. Nitrite, in particular, kneels when it comes to ozone. Thus the problem of ammonia and nitrite in the water was easily solved.
        3. Add oxygen. Ozone also has the great advantage of breaking down into oxygen. No harmful residue (malachite green shame, tears away! . It increases oxygen in water. Additional, want to raise seafood temporarily really done, must use the integrated ozone generator that contains oxygen machine. Because it is through the air compressor to filter the air, get pure oxygen, and then let the pure oxygen through the ozone production tube to produce ozone. The gas that comes out is actually a mixture of ozone and pure oxygen. Thus, after mixing through the protein separator, both pure oxygen and ozone come into close contact with the water. The Dissolved oxygen in the water becomes very high. In addition, because it is circulating water treatment, the increase of Dissolved oxygen will have a certain superposition effect. The support of high Dissolved oxygen is the most feasible method for high density temporary feeding to reduce mortality.
        4. Cooling treatment. At low temperatures, seafood activity decreases, metabolism slows, and the need for oxygen decreases. So cooling water can effectively reduce the mortality of seafood?

        Guangzhou lanling aquatic technology co., LTD. Has done a lot of large seafood temporary culture projects. Accumulated very rich engineering construction experience. The complete set of equipment also groped out a set of original and mature method.
        Large seafood temporary feeding project in hunchun:

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