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    • Eel factory farming water treatment system
    Eel factory farming water treatment system
    The sea eel is also known as white mud eel. It is a rare fish that has become less and less produced in recent years. It is famous for its tender meat and rich nutrition. It is roughly divided into European eel, American eel, Japanese eel, and Chinese eel.

    In recent years, the production of eel in the world has shown a downward trend. The reason is mainly because the eel fry cannot be artificially propagated. Moreover, the number of eel fry caught in nature has fallen sharply. In the past many years. From Japan to China, the coastal freshwater rivers can catch a large number of eel fry. Today, due to changes in the natural environment and people's over-fishing. The eel fry becomes a very scarce variety. As a result, salmon are listed as endangered animals in the Pacific Rim countries. The scarcity is thus evident. In the future, you can see that the price of squid will soar. It will take a few years, and perhaps the squid will completely disappear from people's table.

    Therefore. It is important to improve the success rate of salmon farming. The best way to improve the success rate of aquaculture is to use a factory-style method to stock the eel fry. Or from the beginning of seedlings to sales, the factory-based recirculating aquaculture model is adopted. Because of the farming process, the factory-circulated water mode can ensure that the water quality changes are minimal, which in turn greatly improves the living environment of the eel.

    Fujian has many years of experience in eel farming and eel export. The selected land of this project is close to Dashan. There are clear mountain spring waters flowing all the year round. The water quality does not contain pollutants, and The temperature is basically constant. It can be used as a good source of water for factory eel farming.
    The total water volume of the project is about 1800 cubic meters, and the water exchange rate per day does not exceed 10%. It is equipped with sedimentation tank, microfilter, protein separator, ultraviolet sterilizer, pure oxygen aeration device, biochemical filter, water product online water quality detector and other equipment. It can effectively avoid the impact of water pollution, weather changes and other factors on aquaculture. The risk of breeding is greatly reduced.

    Farmed fish ponds at the start of construction:

    The protein skimmer can separate solid suspensions of small particles in water:

    In addition to separating the solid suspension, the protein separator has a significant oxygen-enhancing effect and is oxygenated against the biochemical pool.

    Ultraviolet sterilizer effectively controls the concentration of bacterial virus in water:

    drum filter are the primary equipment for filtering large particulate solids suspensions:

    After the newly introduced eel fry is coarsened by circulating water, the survival rate is greatly improved. Maximize the use of seed resources:

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