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  • Welcome: Guangzhou Lanling Aquaculture technology Co., Ltd.
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    How to maximize the benefits of industrialized aquaculture?

    A market is a market. The same is engaged in aquatic products, someone can be in the market price peak shipment, make a pot full of pot full. Some people just follow the trend. When others plant, I also plant, and when others harvest, I also harvest. In this way, it is difficult to achieve the best economic benefits of "swarming" farming. This has been the case for nearly two years of crayfish farming madness. Harvest does not earn money. Is a common phenomenon. In early August, the price of Mandarin fish reached a record high of 60 yuan per catty, which was jaw-dropping. However, as soon as September came, the price dropped sharply, and by the end of September, the price was only 25 yuan per catty. Therefore, using recirculating aquaculture system to mark rough in the early stage or temporarily raise finished products in the late stage can effectively staggate the peak of finished products in the market, thus maximizing the benefits of aquaculture. See others to support their own, see others do not support their own do not support. Always being led by the nose. How can I make money?

    A seed is a breed. That's what they say, "Choices are more important than efforts." Some people think the east star spot is very expensive, but a look at the breeding cycle, two years! There are two types of breed selection, one is what breed you choose to breed and the other is where you introduce it. What to raise, want to carry on detailed research to the market just decide. Not what others say. It's best not to touch the species that people flock to breed. In addition, from which to buy seedlings, which have a particular. Many seedlings field seedlings, do not pay attention to seed selection. Inbreeding. Breed degradation. Low resistance. The breeding process is prone to problems.
    "Ground" is the field. The factors affecting breeding site are nothing but water source and heat source. The core of aquaculture is water, the primary condition is water. So having a good water source is very important for aquaculture. The quality of water directly determines the success or failure of aquaculture. At the same time, abundant water can greatly reduce the cost of aquaculture. Another problem is heat, especially in the north. Without cheap enough heat sources, the cost of farming increases and profitability becomes a big problem. So the land we are talking about mainly includes tax sources and heat sources. Of course, it is also necessary to consider labor costs, electricity, light, winter temperature and other on-site conditions.

    Greenhouse is the most basic configuration of recirculating aquaculture. One is to capture sunlight, and the other is to prevent rain and cooling from affecting the water body. So how does it build this shed? The temperature in summer is not so high and The temperature in winter is not so low. There is a trick here. How exactly to build this shed? Can look for such a professional shed experience as Shandong to do. Do it according to the actual situation.

    The feed part is easy. The biggest cost of aquaculture is feed. We must choose efficient and high-quality feed, not always covet cheap. In addition, feed storage, preservation of these things, but also have a lot of skills. Feed has a certain shelf life, preserved in high temperature environment it is easy to deteriorate.

    So this is an important question.

    It is easy for most aquatic people to overlook that expired feed or moldy feed can lead to a series of diseases. Then we are thinking of using a variety of drugs to cure diseases, in fact, this is the cart before the horse. Be careful with this one
    Breeding pool is also a relatively large pre - investment cost. Is this aquaculture pond made of cement, or PP, or FRP fish pond? Want to decide according to oneself this economic situation. Each has its own merits. In the case of cement ponds, it is easy to create this sinkhole and cause cracks. FRP fish pond life is relatively good. But the cost is slightly higher, PP plastic fish pond can be convenient to move, the life is good, the use is also very good, the cost is moderate. Canvas fish pond is a popular kind of pond at present, but canvas pond also has many problems. It's prone to wrinkling at the bottom, for example. In this case, during the farming process, some organic manure tends to clog and deposit on the bottom of the pond, which can cause water quality deterioration. At the same time, the best fish pond is round, square fish pond there are some dead corners. So I made up a catchphRASe, called "fish pond has dead corner, the water quality is not good."
    In the field of aquaculture, many people have their own different views. Some people think miao is the most important. Some people think feed is the most important. Some people think that increasing oxygen is the most important. But based on our experience over the years. It is the management of people that matters most. Because I have seen a lot of aquaculture accidents are caused by imperfect human management. For example, one of my friends is raising groupers. One time, it was because the employee accidentally threw two groupers in the application of medicine, resulting in a large area of dead fish. In a matter of hours, the loss exceeded 100,000 yuan. So we always think people management is the most important.
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