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    Is there any drug residue in recirculating aquaculture?

    Last time I saw a video about a high-density aquaculture farm. Fish to fish, fish more than water. One highly praised comment in the comments section said: "Fish raised this way have no soul! Drug residue must be over the limit! Under a lot of people who do not know the truth to eat melon and said, after this kind of fish I dare not eat.

    There is no denying that there is too much medicine in farming. But recirculating aquaculture should be a clean stream. Because of a high level of recirculating aquaculture, there is no medication. At this time certainly a lot of people will ask: can you raise fish without medicine? For such a question, we like to chatter a chatter

    First of all, what is fish medicine? Fish medicine is, of course, for fish diseases. In the external pond mode, pond water contains a variety of organisms, including but not limited to algae, fungi, insects and viruses. Under the influence of such multiple factors, fish are easily sick. Coupled with the current water quality regulation, most people do not understand the connotation. Poor water quality leads to fish disease. There is another important reason. It has to do with feed. Some feed one-sided pursuit of high protein, adding some ingredients that cannot be described, while farmers always want to overfeed. It's hard for fish not to get sick.
    And a farmer who really knows his business will not eat all the fish. In the feed discrimination, also will certainly master certain methods. Water transfer is the basic skill of aquaculture. And fish disease is always supposed to be nip in the bud. Generally in the outbreak of fish disease, often is already late. At this time a lot of people will be desperate, add a large number of various fish medicine. The result is often bai Huahua.

    Fish disease prevention is one aspect, treatment, there are many options. We usually say the drug residue, generally refers to the residue of chemical drugs. But actually. Fish diseases can be treated in many ways. Such as probiotics, Traditional Chinese medicine, physical therapy and so on. Seemingly complex conditions are often treated with the simplest methods. For example, enteritis, a common disease, can be treated by adding probiotics to the water to help it digest and absorb. Rather than treating it with some banned drug. For the prevention and control of other paRASites, we can adopt the method of traditional Chinese medicine bath. Diseases of the immune system can be achieved by adding immune enhancers to feed.

    In some upgraded recirculating aquaculture systems, some chemicals are not available. Such as fish-vegetable symbiosis. Once the vegetable pond is treated with deadly chemicals, the fish will have problems. Too much medicinal use of fish will lead to problems with dishes. Therefore, contrary to many people's cognition, recirculating aquaculture can prevent the occurrence of fish diseases through scientific prevention. Even if it happens. It can also be treated through safe, pollution-free methods. Because it is high density farming, the economic value of unit water is high. Any farmer who knows anything about it would not use a potent chemical at the risk of annihilation.
    More importantly, through early prevention, water diversion, we can achieve the whole process of zero drug use! Fish raising water first means that under the condition of good water quality environment, scientific feeding and good feed quality, fish can resist bacteria through their own immunity. The ace of aquatic product bound, it is to transfer water through science to prevent fish disease. Therefore, it can be said that recirculating aquaculture mode is a safe, pollution-free and healthy aquaculture mode. Ignorance is more terrible than medicine!
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