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    Seawater fish circulating aquaculture system


    Factory seawater aquaculture system mainly aims at high quality, high density, high added value. Such as fish, prawn, abalone, etc. In response to the external influence factors such as water pollution, climate change, the aquaculture system installed in the interior. According to the actual needs of breeding, to deal with the water. In order to achieve high density, high benefit and low cost, low pollution, automation, anti-season of comprehensive benefit.

    Factory seawater aquaculture system includes mechanical filtration system, uniform biological filtration system. The core of biological filtration system. Because water is small or not change water. Breeding density is too high, can lead to a sharp rise in the ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the water. Using microfiltration machine and equipment, including protein separator in the first place to fish and shrimp waste such as suspended solids filtered, to avoid these substances by decomposing bacteria become toxic substances in the water. Has decomposition of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite can cause lack of oxygen of fish and shrimp or poisoning and death. We use in the biological filter, filter material is placed in the beneficial bacteria to decompose the ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the water.
    The relationship between the substances contained in water and the corresponding filtration equipment is as follows:

    drum filter, protein skimmer and biofilter are the main equipment of industrial aquaculture system:

    Because protein skimmer at working time to tome a lot of bubbles in the water, it has a considerable increase oxygen. So in the presence of protein skimmer, can consider to need not add oxygen equipment.
    Constant temperature system can use heat or cold water machine. The north is also useful in some places automation boiler. Thermostatic equipment in the configuration, factory building, fish pond heat preservation conditions should be taken into account. And thermostatic equipment at work, and can't blow water heating or cooling to the target temperature, but after several cycles, gradually will increase the overall water temperature to the desired temperature.
    Ozone sterilization, and protein skimmer share, protein skimmer with ozone mixing effect of the tower. But because of long time cycle, ozone can have an adverse effect on biological filter. Long-term operation of the circulating water system, therefore, we suggest using UV sterilizer for water sterilization.

    Suitable salinity of seawater aquatic organisms are very important. Especially shrimp crab. Because they need to maintain shell need a lot of minerals. Therefore, maintain the various types of ion concentration in water body is one of the important work.

    There are many factors that can affect the PH. Including Dissolved oxygen, algal phase, temperature, etc. Maintain the dynamic balance PH value, therefore, is to keep the important condition of biological good growth.
    Most of aquatic organisms in the aquatic index change of stress. The index of water balance control, key indicators qualified is the core content of sea water factory aquaculture system.
    At the design stage, The system should be based on customer site, breeding density conditions, such as comprehensive consideration maximum energy saving, environmental protection. And produce maximum production efficiency.

    Large grouper circulating aquaculture system designed by lanling water treatment equipment co., LTD.

    To a large extent, the design of the system, the hatching of fish seedlings and the launching of fish seedlings determine the success or failure of breeding:

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