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    Freshwater fish fry hatching system


    Freshwater fry hatch system is mainly in order to improve the hatchability of fish, reduce the rate of emergence of the birth defects, etc. Common varieties have loach, osmanthus fish, raw fish, light lip, etc.
    Incubation system routine maintenance indicators include: temperature, turbidity, PH value, Dissolved oxygen, microbial content, trace elements and so on. Different varieties, different incubation conditions, this requires the customer to have their own incubation technique. If the supplement of circulating water treatment equipment, can greatly improve the hatchability of eggs and the survival rate after coarse.
    Because fresh water can be obtained from general, suggested that under the condition of water quality is good, keep a certain change water rate, every day to dilute the water high ammonia nitrogen and nitrite. fry tank water filtration equipment such as sand cylinder for loop filter. Near the fry tank, can build dimension of reservoirs. With the ozone machine, gas-liquid mixing pump, filter equipment on the water in the reservoir with filtration, disinfection, aerobic treatment. The treated water and then to clarify the precipitation, ozone decomposition, introducing fry tank use again.

    Because of the strong oxidation of ozone, also can use ozone and gas-liquid mixing pump to deal with the water in the reservoir. Not only can destroy most bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes, still can reduce the turbidity of water, increase the oxygen in the water, also can make water to remove ammonia oxidation. Make hatching rate increase at the same time, also can make the seedlings to reduce chances of the disease.

    Above for freshwater seedlings complete version of water treatment systems, different conditions, to add and remove equipment on the basis of the scheme or replace with other equipment. After incubation for a long time and then the coarse, can remove the ozone machine, using biological filter for the ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the water to remove. Sterilization using UV sterilizer. Constant temperature we use air energy heater or chiller.

    Loach baby hatching larvae hatch farms used fry hatching barrels:

    sand filter cylinder and UV sterilizer for fry tank water treatment:

    Pure oxygen and ozone and ozone machine:

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