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    Incubation system of seawater shrimp seed


    Seawater shrimp seedlings incubation system actually consists of two subsystem: pro shrimp cultivation circulating water treatment system and hatch the coarse system.

    In order to guarantee good genes, shrimp shrimp after selected will be put into the kiss cultivation pool is optimized. Water quality request is higher. Water quality indicators generally includes:
    1. The temperature. General use constant temperature machine for automatic adjustment. The south generally use cold water machine in the summer.

    2. Degree of Dissolved oxygen. The higher the water Dissolved oxygen degree, shrimp development more comprehensive. Under the influence of shrimp seedlings. Dissolved oxygen can are done by the fan or pump and aeration device, can also be done through protein skimmer.

    3. The ammonia nitrogen and nitrite. The two substances for suspected shrimp have certain toxicity. So, be sure to strictly control its content in the water. First commonly used protein separator to air flotation separation of the organic suspended solids in the water, reuse of biological filter the beneficial bacterium group to transform the two substances. If it is a short-term cultivate or water quality is good, have change water condition, can consider to use ozone machine to ammonia nitrogen oxide.
    4. The content of harmful bacteria. Such as pathogenic vibrio. In the case of a biological filter, can use UV sterilizer sterilization was carried out on the water cycle. If there is no biological filter, ozone generator sterilization is recommended to be used.
    5. PH. From algae or chemicals to adjust. Reasonable and constant PH is an important basis of kiss the normal development of shrimp.When the PH value is too high, most of the ammonia in water exists in the molecular state, and the ammonia in the molecular state is more toxic than the ammonia in the ionic state.

    6. Trace elements. Plasma calcium magnesium is an important material of shrimp shell. So the mineral salts should maintain in a reasonable level. Other trace elements such as iron ion, lead ion, hydrogen sulfide, etc., can cause cause toxicity to pro shrimp and seedling body.

    Shrimp eggs fertilized then entered the incubation stage. The hatch is generally in the pail. The right temperature, PH value, Dissolved oxygen is the precondition of health to hatch. At this time still have to strictly control the water ammonia nitrogen and nitrite and hydrogen sulfide and other toxic substances.

    Because the water with salt, so that we can to protein separator as the main water treatment equipment. It can not only remove the organic suspended solids in the water by means of gas floating, avoid the material under the action of bacteria break down into toxic substances, and in the process of gas floating increased the degree of oxygen dissolved in the water.

    Shrimp seedlings are incubated with fish seedling incubators. In this stage, the combination of ultramicrobubble generator and oxygen generator can be considered to increase oxygen in water. In addition, the seedless stage of shrimp seedlings should also be accompanied by mature shrimp or rotifers incubation system. It is a kind of high quality opening material, and it is necessary to combine with the algal system to cultivate it. In fact, a well-functioning shrimp seedling field should be a complete system for algae cultivation - active biological feed cultivation - shrimp seedling cultivation - prawn cultivation.

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