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  • Welcome: Guangzhou Lanling Aquaculture technology Co., Ltd.
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    Seafood temporary aquaculture program


    Seafood temporary aquaculture system is characterized by breeding density particularly big, in the process of breeding, fish by turnover will have a lot of disability. Because living cycle faster at the same time, the phenomenon of bacteria cross infection. Therefore, how to reduce the mortality of seafood during temporarily raise, improve the transparency of temporary raising water, has very important practical significance.
    To the popular seafood temporarily aquarium filter system is to use water pump, water after dealing with the cold water machine, go back to the bottom layer filtration. Add coral sand filter tank, filter, filter cotton and other materials. The cycle. After a long time later, the coral sand surface is covered in dirt, and materials such as activated carbon adsorption saturation. Filter cotton manual cleaning is pretty troubling, abandoned in the majority. Wasteful, spend a lot of manpower and material cost. Water quality for liao failure and become yellow, cloudy. Temporarily keep varieties for toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite high or bacteria infections and death.
    Guangzhou Lanling company by adopting the combination of the physical filtration and biological filtration method. Normally,use equipment such as pumps, protein separator, UV sterilizer for water physical filtration. Then trickling filter is used to decompose the ammonia nitrogen and nitrite accumulation in the water. To prevent these toxic substances led to the deaths of seafood. If too much organic matter in the water, the water is cloudy, you can use to use ozone generator for water sterilization, oxidation bleaching. This temporarily keep in the pool water can maintain for a long time will not be changed, so as to save a lot of change water expenses.

    Using protein skimmer and ozone generator as the main seafood pool filtration equipment:

    Before running equipment, water quality is very cloudy, seafood mortality rate in more than 20% :

    After the normal operation of equipment, water quality is very clear, seafood mortality rate dropped to 2%, dynamic enhancement:

    Use before, during and after the protein separator and ozone water nitrite concentration test:

    Before and after using protein separator and ozone machine, concentration of ammonia nitrogen in water test contRASt:

    Temporarily keep pool after circulating water treatment equipment for a period of time, on the bottom:

    A new scheme is the main protein separator and ozone machine. The role of protein separator by air flotation to separate the organic suspended solids in the water. Because a large number of bubbles come into contact with water at the same time, also increase the Dissolved oxygen in water body. The ozone has strong sterilization, oxidation decoloration effect. Not only can kill the bacteria in the water, can also be the substances such as ammonia nitrogen oxide into nitrates in the water. Two devices together to use, can make the temporary a pool of water is more clear, biological greatly reduce the risk of death due to infection.

    protein skimmer and ozone generator are the most basic equipment in the seafood temporary water treatment system. If The temperature needs to be controlled, a chiller should be added. drum filter should be added for the first filtration of large amounts of water.

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